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Death benefit insurance Ergo

A well-known insurer in Germany is Ergo Direkt. Also in the offer of the insurer for the death benefit mixed Ergo with a large selection of tariffs  . Various services and conditions are available, so that there is something for every interested or curious person. In this article we take a look at the mortality insurance Ergo.

What is a death benefit insurance?

In order to lay the groundwork for looking at Ergos offer, let us briefly see what a death benefit insurance is.

In a nutshell, this is a provision for the death.  Contributions are paid monthly for a contractually agreed period to cover a sum insured. If one dies , the heirs then receive the sum insured in order to cover the costs of a funeral.  Since a funeral today costs a lot and the offspring are obliged by law to reimbursement, provides a death benefit insurance is a potentially very large relief for the offspring.  To what extent a death benefit insurance for you personally makes sense, but you have to weigh yourself. As a help, you can read our extensive article on the subject, whethera death benefit insurance makes sense for you read through. There you will also learn the difference between a death benefit insurance and term life insurance.

Short portrait: Who is the insurer Ergo?

The insurer Ergo Direkt claims to be the most frequently chosen direct insurer in Germany. Direct insurers are those who work outside or inside the office and gain customers through marketing networks. As a result, they are much cheaper for customers than other providers.

As a direct insurer, Ergo not only offers its own death benefit insurance, but also health and long-term care insurance. In addition, there are numerous other pension plans, such as the classic private old-age provision in various tariffs and variants. The offer is rounded off by home contents insurance, car insurance and other and various additional tariffs. Ergo Direkt has received the highest marks from numerous agencies and enjoys a high reputation throughout Germany.  That is why the view of the death benefit insurance Ergo is interesting.

The large offer in the case of the death benefit insurance Ergo

Ergo mortality insurance initially spoiled for choice.  But that’s a good thing, because after all, you want to be as precise as possible for the last of all conceivable cases, death. Because the grief and other psychological stress on the relatives are already big enough anyway. As financial distress and any legal disputes would be extremely burden. As a result, it is very good that at Ergo, the death benefit insurance provides plenty of choice to cover individual needs.  In addition, we take a look at the services of the various tariffs and the possible funeral packages.

Services provided by Ergo Dying Insurance

The services provided by the direct insurer Ergo for the death benefit insurance are as follows:

  • Baseline protection
  • Comfort
  • Premium

The basic protection includes  a sum insured up to 15,000 euros  . You will also receive a mortality prevention folder , where you will have all important documents at a glance and will receive various assistance. The waiting period  until payment of the Ergo Death Benefit Insurance is 3 years.

The comfort services  give more advantages. However, the monthly contribution increases. However, favorable conditions (age as low as possible) can be a very small increase in monthly contributions. Included in the comfort benefits is still a sum insured of up to 15,000 euros.  Also comes the advantageous mortality prevention folder . However , the waiting time is shortened to 2 years  and there is an accidental death, the payment of twice the sum insured.

Finally, let’s keep an eye on the premium services  . Here, the maximum possible sum insured increases for the first time to up to 20,000 euros.  In addition, there is an even shorter waiting period of 18 months.  The death precautionary folder  already included again in the service. In addition, a capital  benefit for long-term care is granted, and in the case of a serious illness, there are early benefits.  In addition, in the premium offer various other consultations and medical second opinions in discussions about the cause of death are  added. Individually selectable funeral  packages complete the large offer.

Selectable Funeral Packs for the Ergo Death Insurance

The funeral packages, which can be selected in the premium tariff, are contained in three packages. They are based on the sum insured, for which you conclude a contract. The following options are available:

  • Classic with a sum insured of at least 5,000 euros
  • Traditionally with a sum insured of at least € 7,500
  • Exclusively with a sum insured of at least 10,000 euros

A classic burial  covers all kinds of burials in  earth life insurance from the urn to the urn burial. It is a small funeral with a simple design.

As part of a traditional burial  , all funeral types are possible again.  In addition, a larger funeral is  added, where the family and friends are also present. A musical accompaniment with decoration by flowers completes everything.

With the exclusive burial  package of the Ergo mortality insurance, you receive the same benefits as in the traditional package , but supplemented by a funeral in a particularly high-quality design.

The cost factor

Since the question of costs always arises naturally with insurance companies, an estimate of the costs is now to  be made. For this purpose, the assumption is based on an age of 60 years with a sum insured of 5,000 euros in the three services Grundschutz, Komfort and Premium as well as a contribution period of 25 years.

Service selection Baseline protection Comfort Premium
Contribution per month From 26.41 € From 28.28 € From 32.51 €

The table shows that the costs can be quite small. Thus, one can make more favorable than many a cell phone contract for the death and significantly relieve the heirs.

However, it is important to note that costs are influenced by factors other than age at the time of signing the contract and the choice of service.  That’s why we want to look at what is important to keep in mind when it comes to the Ergo dying insurance and what choices exist for you.

Ergo Death Insurance: With or without health issues?

When concluding a contract for the Ergo dying insurance there is the possibility to conclude with or without health issues.  Health issues help the insurer Ergo to weigh risks and to determine appropriate contributions.

However, a poor health-care score can mean that you will not get any mortality insurance from Ergo. Basically, however, you must be reassured, because there are only two health issues that you need to answer. In addition, this type of insurance is characterized by an easy entry compared to other insurance. With a death benefit insurance with health issues, you benefit from a particularly favorable tariff.

If you have concerns about your health, then there is the option of an Ergo death benefit insurance without health issues.  The advantage of this insurance is that you can complete it at any time  . Age and health do not matter. However, the contribution payments increase due to uncertainty for the insurer. But there is also a solution for this: With a starting surcharge of € 500 upwards, you can reduce the monthly contributions and make a major contribution to your funeral provision.

Other important conditions with the Ergo dying insurance

In addition to the question of health issues and the option of an Ergo death benefit insurance without health issues, the terms of payment and terminability are  an important criterion for assessing the quality of life insurance.

There are only two aspects to the terms of payment:

  • The minimum sum insured for the death is 1,000 euros
  • The monthly fee must be at least 5 euros

In addition to these terms of payment, you can enjoy further convenience through the optional debit from your account. You can also choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

A notice can be made every month. s However, you have the disadvantage that you will not receive the paid contributions in full. If you  want to cancel the contract within a withdrawal period , you have  the opportunity to do so within 60 days . This can be considered as a very generous amount of time.

What speaks in particular for a Ergo funeral insurance?

In addition to the above-mentioned aspects, which already contain numerous advantages, Ergo as an insurer is   particularly advisable for other reasons.  These include the following:

  • Fast payout
  • Large selection
  • Advice on topics such as wills and inheritances
  • Support for the bereaved

Die schnelle Auszahlung hängt natürlich auch von Ihnen und den Umständen ab. Sollten Sie allerdings die erforderlichen Unterlagen lückenlos zusenden, dann können Sie mit einer Auszahlung der Ergo Sterbegeldversicherung an die Angehörigen innerhalb von 10 Tagen rechnen.

Die große Auswahl wurde bereits genauestens besprochen, soll allerdings nochmals hervorgehoben werden. Denn tatsächlich bietet nicht jeder Versicherer derart viele Service-Leistungen und Bestattungspakete an.

Was aber wirklich besonders ist, ist, dass der Versicherer Ergo sogar für die Hinterbliebenen eine umfangreiche Unterstützung bietet. Dies betrifft beispielsweise Beratungen zu Themen rund um das Testament und das Vererben, geht allerdings auch in andere Bereiche.

Gibt es Nachteile bei Ergo Direkt?

Nachteile lassen sich als Haar in der Suppe finden, wobei es Kritik auf sehr hohem Niveau ist. Im Vergleich der Versicherer schneidet die Ergo Sterbegeldversicherung sehr gut ab.

Als Nachteile zu erwähnen wären die Tatsache, dass ein Wohnsitz und ein Bankkonto in Deutschland notwendig sind. Außerdem existiert kein Tarif, der sofort einen Vollschutz für die Versicherten bietet.


The death benefit insurance Ergo performs particularly well. This is due to rich offer, great customer friendliness and captivating conditions. When comparing the pros and cons turns out that the Ergo mortality insurance is highly recommended. If you still want to look at alternatives, you are welcome to view our comparison of all death benefits insurance . There you will find numerous other providers presented and can see if something can be found more suitable for your individual situation.

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